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Australian College of Skills and Education

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Is this your first time here?

Welcome (Key Points)

Thank you for choosing to study with Australian College of Skills and Education.

Phone: 1300 212 169

Head Office: 22 Granada Place, Oakhurst, NSW, 2761

Now that we’ve processed your enrolment, here’s the next steps.

Your first task will be to complete your Language Literacy and Numeracy Test. Once this is completed and marked the rest of your course will become available.

In Moodle you will find all your learning materials, assessments, coaching guides, videos, classmates, chat rooms and a whole lot more.

The next step in you completing your course is to download the Learner Guide for the first unit, and have a read. Once you feel you are across the information, start on the assessment. Please note, assessments submissions are limited to 5mb.

Credit Transfers can be applied to your student record at any time, to qualify for Credit Transfer, the units need to comply with the packaging rules on and we will need a copy of the transcript showing clearly the issuing RTO and the unit(s) being credited.

If you wish to apply for credit transfer(s) please forward all documentation to with your details.

We’d like to remind you that all our policies and procedures can be found on our website VIA THIS LINK from our complaints and refund policies to the student handbook.

As a Registered Training Organisation that specialises in Online delivery, we are always working on expanding the support we provide to our students, be it the new learning material, emerging career opportunities or job tips.

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